Bible numerology

Bible or biblical numerology refers to the study of the numbers in the bible. Numerical symbolism is a very important aspect of the mystical tradition of Bible interpretation. Many numerical symbols and references to specific numbers have been given in the bible. This numerical symbolism in the bible numerology gains importance as the numbers have been used to portray certain significant thoughts and events and ideas in the Bible. Not only Bible Numerology but most of the great religions of the world hold the belief that numbers contain hidden meanings that hold the secret to the universe. Each number is believed to be associated with certain gods, goddesses, colors, flowers, gemstones and also, superstitions.

According to the symbolism of the bible numerology number 1 in Islamic, Jewish and Christian religions is regarded as the number of the God, independence is also attached to this number 1. According to bible numerology number 1 is also used when marking the beginning of the things and expression of a creative idea. Because this number stands alone and can not be divided Unity is very common when defining this number. For medieval alchemists and metaphysicians the number was associated with the Philosopher’s Stone, the unknown catalyst that was thought to transform base metals magically into gold.

The number 1 is also associated with Allah, Aphrodite the Greek Goddess of Love, Apollo the Greek God of Communication, Diana the Roman Goddess of the Hunt, Vesta the Roman Hearth Goddess, Frey the Norse Hearth Goddess, Jehovah, the Egyptian God Neter and the Chinese God Pangu. Colors: red, crimson, scarlet and cherry are also believed to be associated with the number 1. Gemstones associated with the number 1 are ruby and garnet. According to Bible numerology number 1 is also associated with red roses and red carnations.