Bluray organizer - Get your files organized

So you always backup your files, songs, documents to some DVDs, CDs or the blurays? If so then things might very much frustrate you to find that which of your files are in which disk. And if the file name is remembered by you and location isn’t then you can get help from CD/DVD/Bluray organizer like Visual CD. The working principle that it follows is very much simple as it indexes all the drives and the folders that are selected in order to make them accessible quickly and easily.

All you need to perform is just clicking New, choose the folder/drive which needs to be indexed, select desired destination for the catalog to be saved and simply press Enter. As soon as the indexing is completed, this CD/DVD/Bluray organizer will list files in one simple-to-use window and here these can be managed and organized.

It can’t only work with the disks but one can index the external drives too along with the local and the storage devices. This Bluray organizer allows you to password protect the catalog in case if the files are not desired to be seen by the others. If you want to update your catalog by adding some latest files to some particular folder which is indexed you need to click on “Update”. A button is also there to verify the catalog.

More worth mentioning features that this software carries are that one can make the playlist for Mp3 music even at the time when the disk hasn’t been inserted and after inserting the disk at some later stage one can open the files, split these, and these can be extracted from various formats of archive like ‘Zip/ Rar/ Cab/7-Zip). These features really call for you to use this wonderful software and get all these benefits.