Independent Software Testing Services

mac, bugs, testingRather than handle the task of software testing in-house, many software firms turn to independent software testing services as a cost effective solution.

This emerging new trend is an impetus for software testing services that have significantly increased over the past two decades. Hiring an independent service enables developers to concentrate on their core activity of coding and development of software. In addition, it eliminates the need to hire and train associates, or maintain a quality assurance division at all, which leads to significant savings in terms of time and money. Maintaining a software testing division involves various infrastructure costs, capital investment, and specialized tools for testing. In addition, the management of this division adds to the expenses, which can be avoided by hiring a professional software testing service.

Independent software testing services have the necessary infrastructure to perform tests at every level. Quality assurance engineers have the ability to analyze a program from a client's business goals and objectives, a fact that may be overlooked by in-house associates. Results produced by independent testers are impartial and accurate since they are not part of the development team, which is a great advantage when it comes to producing high quality software. Independent software testing services have the necessary talent and expertise to perform stringent quality assurance testing. In addition, any innovative suggestions by the testing team ensures the highest level of product quality, which in turn leads to a long list of satisfied end users.

Prior to hiring an independent software testing services, it is important to determine if they have the necessary expertise in your industry. The team must have practical knowledge of various testing techniques such as Black Box, White Box, Gray Box, Exploratory, scripted, and automated testing. Testing must include activities such as functional, regression, scalability, usability, compatibility, installation, security, integration testing, system testing, and more. Each type of testing is conducted by different tools so you need to make sure the testing service has all the requisite tools used by their quality assurance team. This includes testing for all desktop applications and operating systems such as Microsoft Windows 98/NT/2000/2003/XP/Vista, Unix, Linux, Mac OC and for mobile phone like Windows Mobile, Symbian, RIM (BlackBerry), Palm OS, and more.

Quality assurance through a professional testing service is the best way to ensure that a product is launched into the market with a client's needs in mind. In addition, a testing company will point out areas where the product is lacking and suggest way on how to improve it.